ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School


The ELCIN Nkurenkuru High School (ENHS) is located in the town of Nkurenkuru, in the Kavango region (website run by a former teacher of ENHS) in northern Namibia. Currently there are 264 enthusiastic learners in this Christian school.

The school is a "birthday gift" to Namibia, founded in 1990. The first class, namely Standard 6, started in 1990 and the first matriculants graduated in 1994 when they passed Standard 10 according to the old Cape Education System. The Grade 8's started the new Namibian Education System in 1991 and they wrote the Grade 12 IGCSE examination in 1995.

ENHS exists for promoting holistic human development through secondary education in an affirming Christian environment. The aim is to provide young Namibians with good education and give them a sense of responsibility and a strong moral background. In other words, the school is based on Christian values and it wants to be continued as a Christian school. ENHS is a government-aided private school run by ELCIN (Evangelic Lutheran Church In Namibia).

The ELCIN Church Council is the supreme decision-making body. It administers the school through the School Board and the School Staff. The parents, teachers and learners are represented in the School Board.

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